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Michael Standerwick

Former IBM Senior Executive, Former Director of The British Tinnitus Association

“Joseph provides the tools to let us see our path ahead in difficult situations, and also in relationships and when making hard choices. His meditative guidance provides a fast and accurate route to the best solution. His ability to connect us with our soul and heart, and with the universe at large is astounding. With Joseph we travel in mysterious ways to discover our path in life and improve important relationships around us. Magic”.



Fraser Bennett

Music Producer, Business Owner; Freeze Records

“My experience of Joseph’s BCC process is that it totally expanded my awareness and experience of my potential, and awakened my acceptance of what was possible for me. It opened me up to realising and achieving things which previously, I did not think about or even consider as a possibility for me in my professional life. It was surreal for such large goals, goals at the time that seemed unbelievable and unreachable, to come to light and materialise. Every single thing that I clarified and wrote down, that I wanted to attract, achieve and experience within my profession has happened."

Santiago Perkal

 Professional Commercial Pilot

“On my thirty-two years of life I never had the chance to experience/go through one of those before, now Joseph gave me the chance to experience it. Totally priceless. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical about those kind of procedures, thinking in a 17th century way, kind of “magic/witchery”. As I realised afterwards, pure ignorance. Joseph did an outstanding job guiding me towards my inner subconscious feelings/thoughts, reaching a state of pure tranquillity, peace at the same time I was visualising all the “picture” positioning myself there, crystal clear. I have never had those feelings before, it was totally awesome”. 

Paul T

Entreprenuer. Former C4L Top Performing IT Sales Professional

How were things before being introduced to the Benevolent Co-Creations processes?

“I new that there was more to life that was possible but I was frustrated by not being knowledgeable, able nor able to harness this”.

During, what it was like to apply the self-empowerment and materialisation of true heart desire processes, and the experiences whilst in the process of applying them?

“Phenomenal results instantly that I ran away with and am still using to this day”.

What has been the after effect, the ways in which the Benevolent Co-creations processes have had a tangible beneficial impact within areas of your life?


What results have you experienced from incorporating the Benevolent Co-creations processes into your life?

“I have healed myself. Started a business. Travelled the world several times. I have everything that I need. I live in various countries. I've just bought my dream home on a beach. I have a farm also. I'm looking for a ski chalet now. Anything is possible”...

What are; the before during and after impacts of how the various processes have helped you?


“I know anything is possible if you pray and do the work. Having an injury and working through it by prayer, positivity again doing the work (in my case yoga nutrition and prayers) I achieved a full recovery from torn lumber discs”.


“I'm still learning but I feel I can handle any situation”.


“It gives me courage truth knowledge and understanding of how the universe work. So I feel loved, safe and secure”.


“I pray for love and the ability to share love, promote love, give love and show love to others and the whole universal spirit”.

Ways this has had a tangible helpful impact in the various areas of my life!

“I get what I need when I need it. Prayers turn into reality very swiftly”.

Thank you

I greatly appreciate your sharing the journey.

P. Moroney


I had known that Joseph had an ability to help people. I found myself faced with a difficult situation. I have a very able and special son. However, his mother, from whom I am estranged, is extremely difficult and negative. My son had just turned ten years old in August and was due to sit the eleven plus exam in November. I am a school teacher, have many years experience of tutoring pupils for various examinations, including the eleven plus. The Mother has no background in these matters and has a sense of inferiority, which will manifest itself in obstruction of the tuition or attempts to provoke arguments with myself.

I knew this was likely to happen and my son is some four hours distant from me by car. As such I went to Joseph to assist me with dealing with this situation in a successful way. I had to have access to the boy, but be able to negotiate his mum without damaging flare ups. In view of her previous obstructive behaviour in this regard I was most apprehensive, but was dedicated to my mission. Namely helping my son to the best of my ability.

Joseph was able to empathise, understand and grasp the emotional situation in all aspects. He could appreciate the complexity of the problem and its many facets. For 10 weeks, he facilitated Personal Soul-Empowerment sessions with me, focussing upon the problem and developing a script with me. We practised various scenarios together. With the passage of time, I was filled with a peace and a relaxed confidence about the task before me.

I started the lessons with my son, commuting backwards and forwards, four hours each way. Incredible effort was made to teach him as much as possible. This meant that I would be on his Mum's territory for considerable periods of time. Inevitably, the Mum, and quite early on into the tuition, started to criticise or attack what I was doing. I responded as Joseph had trained or programmed me in a gentle way. The Mum was set to escalate an argument or belittle me in a way to leave me feeling resentful or worthless. When I responded with Joseph's "script", such that "we are working together in a harmonious way for the benefit of our son" (or words to that effect) the effect on her astounded me.

It was like I had physically hit her with a punch to the stomach (not that there was any malice in what I said). She was stopped in her tracks. Her whole presence turned inward. She was visible disarmed and silent. Her attack had been repulsed in the most dramatic way I had ever seen. If I had not witnessed it with my own eyes I would have never had believed it possible. It was the end of the matter, I was free to tutor and I continued to respond to the Mum in the way Joseph had coached me. Our relationship was much better. The tuition progressed and the Mum even started to coach my son herself. This had a wonderful combined effect. Both parents working together for the same goal. My son went on to pass his eleven plus and gained entrance to his first choice grammar school, where he thrived. My son recently achieved an offer to study at Christ's College, Cambridge.

Yours P Moroney

Carmen Prince

 Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor

Before learning Benevolent Co-Creation processes with Joseph, I spent my life absorbed in the inner chattering mind. Which was relentless. I didn’t have the ability to shut off and be present in the NOW. I also had a lot of fear about giving birth as I was pregnant at the time.

During the sessions, I gained a lot of control over my mind and started to understand a lot more about the subtle energies within my body and the effect thought has on myself. It strengthened my ability to visualise energy growing within me and helped me push through negative limits, by facing my inner goddess, consciously connecting with my inner goddess, releasing tension and blockages and learning to have faith in my inner guidance. It also helped me to connect to the baby growing inside my tummy.

Because of the processes I learnt with Joseph, I was able to meditate the entire way through my labour and had an absolutely peaceful beautiful birth with my child with no problems at all. I also have strengthened my ability to stay present in the NOW and use a lot of his processes even now with my yoga students and friends. I can now enjoy complete peace and silence within myself when ever I feel it is necessary. I feel his processes and out look on life are massively beneficial to any being who wants to have a peaceful beautiful relationship with themselves and their soul.

Physically I have learnt to detach myself from pain but also focus positive healing energy to areas of need. Emotionally I have a lot more control over my reactions and how I deal with every day life, recognising the difference between the chatting ego mind and intuition. Mentally I have a lot more control over the way I think and how I perceive situations in life, and spiritually it has helped me reach levels within myself I didn’t know existed and given me a lot more peace of mind to trust in myself and my instincts.

Josephs processes have helped me no end in life. Every day I use a little bit of something he has taught me, whether it be breathing in a certain way to calm me, asking my inner goddess for answers, silencing my inner chattering mind or expanding nonphysical energetic golden light around me to help balance me and absorb it into each and every cell in my body.

His BCC and Personal Soul Empowerment Process literally changed my life no end for the better.



 Private Tutor

Benevolent Co-Creations: Results & Outcome


“I was offered a placement in a private school at the highest rate of pay that I have ever had”.


Benevolent Co-Creations: Results & Outcome

I was asked to research specifically private tutors who earned towards the high end of the pay bracket. In our modern age where the internet is available this is, of course, a relatively easy thing to do.

I was astounded by what I found out. Rather than there being a number of tutors who earned more than me, in fact there were many who earned 50 times what I earnt in an hour. So in the region of £1500 per hour.

Not only this, but these so called “supertutors”, often lived free of charge in luxurious accommodation in interesting locations with the student’s family. Moreover, with my fresh perspective I did not perceive that these tutors were somehow so superior to me or that they were more deserving of such payments than I.

What I mean by this is that following the work I have embarked with in clarifying my subconscious heart desire, I no longer feel that I have to make an excuse for myself. I feel that my work and history is a meritorious as these supertutors. Not only this but upon further examination of the task I could see that the supertutors largely secured their placements based upon their track record with other students. Over a twenty year period I have an excellent track record in helping students secure the grades they need. Often with quite limited access to them.

Essentially the above point heartened me to the extent that my reaction was “if they can do this, why can’t I.” Not only this, but there were specialist agencies that one can register with to help you secure such work. It was the “light bulb” moment. Why had I not been doing this before. A few short such placement like these would represent more income than I could earn in a year of struggle. Additionally, it had the merit of being in different locations. This is something I am longing for as I have become “stale”, in that I have been working (and struggling) in the same location for too long. It is the psychological scenario of one “needs a holiday.”

But in fact I need a change of life, rather than a holiday. I felt strongly that I could have made these changes and taken these opportunities many years previously. I cannot really understand why I did not. It feels like I have been woken up from a coma and I now want to find out what is in the world for me. The curiosity of the child is somewhat awakened within me.

I also started my new placement in a private school. My current state of mind is so much better than the one I was trapped in previously

My compass has changed and I value what I provide much more.