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Welcome to the Benevolent Co-Creations

JVC Partnership Application


Thank you so much  for choosing to collaborate with us!  


Once you have submitted the application BELOW and are a JVC Partner; you will be able to access your personal information like your custom tracking links and statistics, just log in to your JVC Partner Affiliate Portal.
You will receive your login credentials via email but can also connect with [email protected] with any questions. 


Promo Materials 

All swipe and promotional resources will be sent directly to your inbox and will also be accessible from your JVC Partner Affiliate Portal.
Your affiliate links will come in your affiliate welcome and update emails. 
If you’re already a partner and need access to the JVC Partner Affiliate Portal or want to verify you have the correct links, please reach out to us at [email protected]
Thank You again for your support. 
We look forward to a successful launch with you by our side!!! 


 We are inspired to be establishing and nurturing a flourishing

JVC Partnership with you!  

Life Prosperity Acceleration:

Releasing Subconscious Limitations

Immersion Experience Intensive Interactive Workshops

We present a series of Life Prosperity Acceleration: Immersion Experience Interactive Workshops & Intensive Interactive Workshop’s; each tailored and specialised to facilitate significant life enriching transformational shifts within specific areas of life: Success, Relationship, Money Prosperity, Health, Business, & Spirituality. 

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