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What would it mean for you to be in a state of absolute crystal-clear clarity about what you desire and the way to achieve it in the swiftest, most effective and empowering way? 

Benevolent Co-Creations

Live 2-Month

Life Prosperity Acceleration

Releasing Subconscious Limitations

 Intensive Interactive Practical Application & Integration Facilitation


This is a unique highly empowering life elevating, enriching & transforming live interactive  experiential event

where we guide you through our Life Prosperity Acceleration Advanced Leading-edge Processes for immediately and permanently releasing your disempowering negative emotions, feelings and attitudes that are sabotaging and holding you back; plus the subconscious limitations that are blocking you from experiencing your desired goals and fully living the life that you know deep down you desire and deserve to experience as a lived reality. 


If you are feeling and experiencing lack of fulfilment, dissatisfaction, struggle, stagnation, lack of clarity, frustration or stuck in a repeating pattern of unfulfilling experience within your relationships, health, money/wealth, business, success or spiritual life;

then this live interactive event will swiftly release the breaks that are holding you back from experiencing the fulfilment you desire, so you swiftly move forward toward accomplishing what you truly desire to be living within your life.


So, If you are ready to pull up your sleeves and go deep into releasing the breaks,

whatever it is that is holding you back and limiting your expression and experience within life, then this is definitely a program of deep diving that you don’t want to miss.

What would it mean for you to be able to immediately and permanently release the subconscious limitations that have held you back?

During this Live Guided Facilitation, you are taken step by step through 3-Phases of Transformative Processes; practically applying them to assist & empower you to swiftly: 
  • Align your conscious & subconscious body/mind system, enabling clearer communication and access to deeper intuitive insight and knowing.  

  • Release any subconscious factors that are hindering, limiting or suppressing your ability to effectively and efficiently move forward toward your desired goals and experience them within your life.  

  • Communicate directly to your subconscious bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind, so you accelerate your movement toward the fulfilment of your specific desired goals by clearing and reprogramming your subconscious mind/body system with your newly chosen, identified and clarified desired goals. 


As part of this Live 2-Month Interactive Event we will be applying advanced leading-edge processes, live guided group facilitation and success accelerator exercises. 

We are going to be delving deep into releasing the conscious and subconscious limitations that are holding you back and have prevented you from being able to move forward toward the manifest achievement and fulfilment of your specific desires.  

We will be doing these things, so that you move forward and significantly more easily create and manifest the life that you want in relationships, business, health, success, money/wealth and or spirituality.  


Throughout this Live Interactive 2-Month Intensive Practical Application & Integration Facilitation; we begin by intensively applying over a period of 2 weekends a series of advanced leading-edge processes, which systematically build upon one another, to swiftly and permanently release your subconscious limitations, so you clear the path toward the attainment of your specific goals; enabling and empowering you to actualise them in the swiftest, most efficient and empowering ways.   

In addition to the 2 live weekend sessions, we will be participating in 8 weekly Life Prosperity Acceleration Group Coaching Sessions, where you will experience live guided facilitation using and applying the Life Prosperity Acceleration processes, making it significantly easier for you to get into the success habit of practically applying these processes.  

You will also have the opportunity to connect with an accountability partner and experience the momentum of being part of a dynamic success focused group, whilst also being able to get direct answers to your specific questions as they arise throughout the week. 

Primary Outcomes:

By the end of this 2-Month Live Intensive Interactive Immersion Experience Facilitation you will: 

  • Immediately & Permanently release any subconscious limitations you have about your specific goal/desired outcome   
  • Clearthe path toward your goals of any debris (limiting subconscious beliefs)  
  • Release the inner brakes that have held you back so you effectively & efficiently move forward, accomplishing and experiencing exactly what you really authentically desire. 
  • Eliminate crippling self-doubt, struggle, pain and anything that is keeping you unfulfilled within your life.   
  • Empower yourself to successfully move forward toward achieving your heart desires more fluently, joyfully, smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Maximise, optimise & amplify the effectiveness and results of your actions so you can more swiftly experience the fulfillment of what you really desire.  
  • Allow and enable yourself to effectively achieve and experience your greatest potentials within relationships, health, money/wealth, business and or spirituality.  
  • ​Know exactly what next action step to take toward the achievement and fulfillment of your specific desired outcome.  
  • Accelerate the accomplishment of your goals in all aspects of your life. 

What impact will this have on your life to be able to move forward efficiently and fluently toward the successful achievement of your goals? 


 This is not for everyone! 


We will be diving deep into intensively releasing whatever needs to be released, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically from within you, so that you can actively move forward to the fulfilment of what you truly want to experience within your life.  


This is for you, if you are:  

  • Unclear about what you want/desire but want to experience crystal clear clarity  
  • Unsure about what specific action step to take next to most effectively move forward toward achieving your desired goals   
  • Feeling like whenever you move toward your goals, you seem to take 2 steps forward and one step backwards.  
  • Knowing what you desire/Want but are feeling stuck or struggling to achieve the specific goals that you have set for yourself within your relationships, career, business and or financial life.  
  • Feeling disempowered and unmotivated and as a result not moving forward toward the attainment of your desired goals.  
  • Looking for a way to successfully reach the next level and achieve your business goals in the most empowering effective and swiftest way.  
  • Already successful and or you know exactly what you desire to create next and you are ready to use a powerful systematic process for taking your results to the next level and elevating your life prosperity even further.

This is for You if you are...


This is for you if you are:  

  • Experiencing a lack of fulfilment, dissatisfaction, excessive stress or anxiousness within your romantic, professional or social relationships  
  • Repeatedly experiencing an unfulfilling pattern in your romantic, professional or social relationships  
  • Desiring to take your romantic, social or professional relationships to the next level and experience increased/elevated joy, fulfilment satisfaction.  


This is for you if you are:  

  • Feeling stuck in the comfort zone of habits that are not optimal for supporting and nurturing your health & wellbeing, which is holding you back/preventing you from living your fullest potential.   
  • Desiring to feel vibrantly healthy again with increased self-esteem, self-worth and confidence; living your life more fully and enjoying it with significant others/loved ones.  
  • Ready to create and experience the elevated levels of health and wellbeing you desire in your life, so you can enjoy life to its fullest.  

Money & Wealth   

This is for you if you are:  

  • Feeling and experiencing stagnation/dissatisfaction with your current level of financial money prosperity and desire to increase the amount of income you generate and receive.  
  • Wanting to increase your financial freedom whilst also having the time to enjoy living your life more fully, so you can spend more time with loved ones, travel and live your life on your own terms.  
  • Desiring more financial freedom and the feeling of peace that goes with that, in knowing that you have the financial means to live more freely and are able to support loved ones if and when needed.  


This is for you if you are:  

  • A business owner and want to maximise the effectiveness and results of any actions, strategies and systems that you implement to increase your profits/cash-flow consistently and sustainably.  
  • Feeling stuck because although you have been using/applying specific tactics and strategies for X number of years; you are hitting an invisible revenue ceiling and still not getting the results you want.  
  • An entrepreneur feeling overwhelmed with barely any time to focus on the broader vision and direction for your business, because you are working in the business which has become a job.  
  • Are already successful and want to take your business to the next level whilst also enhancing your quality of life.


This is for you if you are:  

  • Finding it challenging to align with your deeper intuitive knowing; preventing you from moving forward with absolute clarity toward the expression, experience & fulfilment of your specific life purpose.  
  • Desiring to experience a calm centeredness and feel safe and secure within yourself; whilst experiencing your natural creative expression; expanding your joy peace and fulfilment.  
  • Ready to embody your innate power and ability to create your life intentionally with purpose and in alignment with your Inner-self and manifest your greatest life as a physically lived reality.  

How will it feel to confidently take action toward your goals and transform, enrich and elevate your life? 

Live 2-Month

Intensive Interactive Practical Application & Integration Facilitation  Immersion Experience 



Element 1

2-Weekend 4-hr Day Live Intensive Interactive Life Prosperity Acceleration Releasing Subconscious Limitations -  Immersion Experience Workshop:

  • Empowering you to experience the accelerated transformation of diving deep into swiftly and permanently releasing disempowering emotions and limiting subconscious beliefs. 
  • Enabling you to experience the life-elevating momentum of being together with other like-heart/minded people, within a powerful transformational environment and group dynamic. 
  • So you move at full velocity along a clear path free of debris, toward the manifest experience of your specific desired outcome/goal. 


Element 2

8 Weekly: 90-minute Live Guided Facilitation/Group Coaching/Q&A Sessions: 

  • LPA RSL Live Guided Facilitation Practical Application & Integration Facilitation Sessions  

Taking you by the hand and guiding you step by step through the practical application of the specific Life Prosperity Acceleration Releasing Subconscious Limitations Processes. making it significantly easier for you to master them and also get into the success habit of practically applying them in your own time throughout the week, between each live session. 

  • LPA Releasing Subconscious Limitations Group Coaching Sessions 

So you experience the transformational momentum of being within a dynamic group of like-heart/minded people all focused toward elevating, enriching and enhancing their quality of life in the most empowering, swiftest, effective and efficient ways. 

  • Question & Answer Sessions 

Ensuring you receive direct answers to any questions you have as they arise relating to your specific requirements and needs, so you have maximum clarity and are able to take decisive strategic action toward your goals at every stage throughout the 2-Month Facilitation. 


Element 3

Success Accelerator Exercises:

  • Ensuring you have clear & specific strategic actions steps that systematically move you forward toward the fulfilment of your specific goal. 
  • Enabling you to optimise, maximise and receive the greatest results from the actions you take toward the achievement of your specific goal. 
  • So you accelerate the achievement and experience of your specific goals as a manifest lived reality within your life. 


Element 4

Recording of LPA RSL Audio Processes: 

  • Taking you by the hand enabling you to simply plug-n-play and follow along with the recording of the LPA RSL Processes, so you immediately get the full benefit of applying the processes, toward your personal area of focus, whilst also being able to practice them during the week between the live sessions. 
  • Making it significantly easier for you to get into the success habit of practically applying the LPA RSL Processes you are learning throughout the week, between each live session. 


Element 5

Lifetime Access to the Recording of the Live 2-Month Life Prosperity Acceleration Releasing Subconscious Limitations Facilitation Live Guided Facilitation, Coaching & Q&A Sessions:

  • So at any-time you can revisit and review any part of the 2-Month Live Guided Facilitation, Coaching or Q&A sessions content, making it easier for you, especially if you are unable to attend one of the weekly Live Guided Facilitation Practical Application & Integration Sessions.  


Are You Ready for this level of transformation?  


 Are you ready to immediately & permanently release the subconscious limitations that are blocking/preventing/hindering you from having the life you want and desire…  

Are you ready to eliminate/release the self-doubt, struggle & pain, that is keeping you unfulfilled within your relationships, business, health, financial & or spiritual life…  

Are you ready to release the breaks, so that you can (swiftly) manifest the life that you want in any area of your life…  

If you are ready and desire to take your relationships, health, money & wealth, business, success or spiritual life to the next level; this is an experiential event you don’t want to miss. 


Join us live for 2-months of Deep Diving Adventure into Releasing Subconscious limitations & Accelerating Life Prosperity! 


This is not just a Training Event or Coaching Program! It’s a Live Guided Facilitation Immersion Experience.

This Live 2-Month Life Prosperity Acceleration Releasing Subconscious Limitations Practical Application & Integration Facilitation is not just a 2-month Coaching Program & Training Event;

it is a Live Interactive & Intensive Live Guided Facilitation Deep Diving Immersion Experience, where you are taken through a sequence of events that build upon one another, consisting of Advanced Leading-edge Life Prosperity Acceleration Processes.  

These Advanced Leading-edge Life Prosperity Acceleration Processes will assist & empower you to swiftly:   

  • Immediately and permanentlyreleaseany conscious and subconscious limitations that are hindering or restricting your experience and the fulfilment of your specific desired outcomes.  
  • Align your conscious & subconsciousbody/mind system, enabling clearer communication and access to deeper intuitive insight and knowing.   
  • Communicate directly to your subconscious bypassing the critical factor of the rational mind.  

Applying these Life Prosperity Acceleration Processes empowers you to optimise & maximise

any actions, strategies and systems you implement toward your desired goals in life; whether they are personal, relationship, professional, health, financial or spiritual goals.  


Ultimately, enabling you to accelerate and achieve your goals in the most empowering, efficient and swiftest way 

Complimentary Purchase Gifts:

Recordings of LPA Advanced Leading-edge Processes & Free eBooks 

Live 2-Month

  Life Prosperity Acceleration

Releasing Subconscious Limitations

Intensive Interactive Practical Application & Integration Facilitation

Includes Recorded LPA Processes & Free eBooks Gift 

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