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Life Prosperity Acceleration

Releasing Subconscious Limitations

Immersion Experience Workshop

90 Minute 


Releasing Subconscious Limitations

During this live online 90-Minute Interactive Immersion Experience we are going to be diving deep into releasing the conscious and subconscious feelings and emotions that are holding you back and have prevented you from being able to experience the fulfilling levels of health prosperity you desire to experience within your life. 

If you are ready to pull up your sleeves and go deep into releasing the conscious and subconscious feelings and emotions that are holding you back and limiting your expression and experience of fulfillment within your radiant health prosperity, then this is definitely 90 minutes of deep diving that you don’t want to miss. 


Primary Outcomes:


Together we will be applying powerfully effective processes to immediately & permanently:

  • Empower you to swiftly transform and release any hindering or restricting emotions and feelings so you can move forward toward achieving your desired health outcomes/goals more fluently, joyfully, smoothly and seamlessly. 
  • Eliminate any crippling self-doubt, struggle & pain, that is keeping you unfulfilled within your life. 

During this 90-Minute interactive immersion experience you will set yourself up to: 

  • Be free from the crippling stranglehold of strong negative emotions that knock you out of balance for days or even weeks at a time.

  • Experience the states of peace, harmony and wellbeing in relation to your health as your natural default feeling.

  • Swiftly transform any negative emotions you have around money so you can move forward toward creating the levels of health prosperity you desire with maximum clarity and focus.

Advanced Leading-edge

Life Prosperity Acceleration Processes

This is not just a Training Event; 

it is an Interactive & Intensive Live Guided Facilitation Immersion Experience, where you will be guided step by step through the stages of practically applying Powerful Health Life Prosperity Acceleration, Transformationand Actualising Processes. 

These Advanced Leading-edge Health Life Prosperity Acceleration Processes will assist you to swiftly: 

  • Immediately and permanently release any conscious and subconscious limitations that are hindering, restricting or suppressing your ability to create and experience the levels of health prosperity and fulfillment you desire to be living and enjoying. 
  • Align your conscious & subconscious body/mind system, enabling clearer communication and access to deeper intuitive insight and knowing, so you can more easily walk the path back to your natural state of harmoniously balanced radiant prosperous health. 

Applying these Health Life Prosperity Acceleration Processes

empowers you to optimise & maximise any actions or strategies you implement toward creating your desired level of health prosperity. 

Ultimately, enabling you to accelerate and achieve your health goals in the most empowering, efficient and swiftest way! 

90 Min-Health Life Prosperity Acceleration

Releasing Subconscious Limitations

Immersion Experience Workshop 

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